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Idea: Discover green Zurich by foot

The Green Marathon Zurich trail is an opportunity to


  • discover the city of Zurich on foot from different perspectives

  • actively enjoy nature in the middle of the city

  • jog or walk 42 km through Zurich's nature areas

  • relax in Zurich's most beautiful city oases any time of the year

  • start and stop anywhere along the route due to easy access to public transport

  • you run off without a drinking bottle, because there are 25 drinking water wells along the way

Innovation Green Marathon - discover Zurich from new vantage points.

“The Green Marathon Zurich fits perfectly to Zurich, a city known for sports and its natural beauty. and it's a great opportunity to do sports outdoors in nature and to wind down. This applies to visitors, as well as to people that live in Zurich. »


Martin Sturzenegger, Director Zurich Tourism

"The Green Marathon is an enriching innovation for the city of Zurich. I wish there was a Green Marathon route in every large city of the world. This would help many passionate runners get familiar with a new city and to discover it from a different perspective.  »

Viktor Röthlin, marathon runner and physiotherapist

“The Green Marathon combines sight-seeing in the beautiful city of Zurich with training in a great way. For ambitious runners, it's a welcome change, and for those who simply want to explore the city, it's a great opportunity as well. Even people who have lived in Zurich all their life will discover new parts of the city, where they have never been before. »

Matthias Kuster, Leader of Runners Group

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