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Upcoming events:

All upcoming events will be posted here on a regular basis.

Past Events

Soup Run December 02, 2023

For the 3rd time, we ran with the 100 Marathon Club Switzerland on the beautiful Green Marathon route towards Witikon. We were able to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and a delicious hot soup and tea at the GZ Witikon.


Our sponsors and partners - thank you for your support!

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Green City Run @ Stadtoase – on May 14, 2023

At the start of this year's running season on the Green Marathon route, we are offering an all-round running package:
Two guided stages (7 or 13 km) lead you through the green oases of Zurich, without start numbers and at your own pace. Warming up together, lunch and aSauna entryin the city oasis complete the running package.

Green City Run "Moderate" - 7 km
Departure and destination: City oasis Zurich

Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 14.11.28.png

Green City Run "Advanced" - 13 km
Departure and destination: City oasis Zurich

Green City Run _ Zürichberg lang.png

The Stadtoase of Zurich

The Stadtoase has a long and eventful history. The association was founded in 1891 under the name Naturheilverein and acquired extensive premises on the Zürichberg. The activities and offers of the Stadtoase are shaped by the more than 130-year history of the association and are still based on the cornerstones of health, nature and (free) space.


Soup Run on December 03, 2022

This year as well, we will run with the 100 Marathon Club Switzerland on the beautiful Green Marathon route in the direction of Witikon. We are expected there in the community center from 11:00 a.m. with hot soup and homemade bread. If you feel like it, you can continue running afterwards with the 100 Marathon Club.


Green City Run @ Stadtoase - 4th Septembre 2022

At the start of the running season in autumn, we offered an all-round running package on the most beautiful jogging route in town. Two guided routes (7 or 13 km) lead you through the green oases of Zurich, without start numbers and at your own pace. The package included a warm-up, lunch and sauna entrance at the beautiful Stadt Oase in Zurich.
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Our sponsors and partners - thank you for your support!


Soup run on 04. December 2021

Together with the 100 Marathon Club Switzerland, we ran on the beautiful Green Marathon route towards Witikon. There, we were awaited by the Community Center from 11:00 am with hot soup and homemade Zopf. 

Do not worry about the intimidating word "marathon", we run together, the slowest determines the pace. Depending on the number of participants, groups will be formed. Those who want to continue running after the refreshments are invited by the 100 Marathon Club. All marathon participants will receive a certificate.

The soup run is not a competition, 100% of the donations will go to the community center's coffers.

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Green City Run - Women Edition

ST 100% Women.png

Anyone can run a marathon - just not the whole thing at once! On July 3rd, hobby joggers, casual walkers, club runners and marathon runners ran the first stage of the Green Marathon route in Zurich with us - without starting numbers, without rankings and at their own pace.

Moving together is fun, inspiring and enables new encounters. As part of the Switzerland-wide “100% Women” campaign, the Green Marathon Association has planned a stage on the Green Marathon (5 or 10 km).

Impressions from the run


Green City Run "Relaxed" - 5 km
Meeting point: Tiefenbrunnen train station, Zurich


Green City Run "Moderate" - 10 km
Meeting point: Rio Bar, Zurich


Our sponsors - thank you very much for your support!


#womenrun at the Green Marathon

If you are motivated after the joint run, you can also do the remaining 32 or 37 km in stages and on your own  to run? Post a picture with the hashtag #womenrun #greenmarathon when you have completed the whole Green Marathon route.

The Green City Run on the Green Marathon route


The three year old  The anniversary of the Green Marathon route was on July 11th  celebrated

On 4  In stages, well-known Zurich running groups accompanied our participants along the route to their destination, where a refreshing snack was served.  

These were the Green City Run routes:

City Plogging Run (6 km)

Our running partner “Züri rännt” brought plogging (littering while jogging) to the Green Marathon. The extraordinary environmental experience, which combines commitment and fun, met with great approval from the participants.  The route led from the starting point of the Green Marathon route at the Rio Bar first flat along the Sihl and then to the GZ Heuried. 

Screenshot 2020-06-12 at

Triemli Run (18 km)

From Bucheggplatz in the heart of the city, TV Oerlikon  the participants along the green areas in Wipkingen and Höngg to the foot of the Uetliberg. The participants were able to benefit from the know-how of the experienced volunteer guides. in the  The goal at GZ Heuried awaited the participants  a refreshing snack.

Screenshot 2020-06-12 at

Altstetten Run (15 km)

The running partner “City Running” led the runners from Lindenplatz in Altstetten via Höngg to the Hotel Zürichberg. A few meters in altitude were climbed. Thanks to the division into two different strength groups, all participants got their money's worth. The subsequent snack and the great view of Zurich were a great way to end the event.

Screenshot 2020-06-12 at

Zürichberg Run (19 km)

The «TV Unterstrass» went up high: ambitious runners got their money's worth here. Volunteers from the association took the participants from the Sihlhölzli sports complex in urban Zurich to the wonderfully situated Zürichberg. There were three guided strength groups.

Screenshot 2020-06-12 at
Altstetten Run3.JPG
Copy of 0000_0000_00000000(563).jpg


Guided running training on the Green Marathon route in Zurich

Run the entire Green Marathon route in 3 stages with the TV Unterstrass.

The first stage started on Saturday, July 13, 2019.  The meeting point was at 9.00 am at the official start of the “Green Marathon Zurich”, the Rio Bar in Gessnerallee. The running distance was approx. 18 km via Witikon to the center of Zürichberg, where the Green Marathon association offered a snack.


The 3 performance groups were each instructed by running professionals from TV Unterstrass. Afterwards there were showers in the center of Züriberg. The luggage was transported from the start to the finish. The event was free of charge, no registration was required.

The Züriberg center is a very special oasis in the middle of Zurich. After the run  you could treat yourself to a sauna or a massage. Reservation recommended.  

Route details on

Screenshot 2019-06-20 at

May 25, 2018

City Hunt Zurich

We are born to run Even in ancient times we went hunting continuously - and kept coming back together in our group. Do you still have your hunting instinct? On invites you and your friends to find out: on the very first On city hunt.  


On started together with the Green Marathon Zurich as a partner  on May 25, 2018  this unique run across the Zurich districts.


Whether as a lone wolf or in a pack with your friends - there are as many checkpoints as possible to run in 90 minutes.  


At every checkpoint there are tickets that go into the big lottery drum at the end. The calculation is simple: more tickets - more chances of getting a prize. And even better: every hunter has a price for sure. And of course the hunt will be celebrated with BBQ and beer at the end.  

Meeting point of the hunters:  The Breathing Room by On at Och Sport Limmatquai, Limmatquai 78, 8001 Zurich


Meeting time:  17:00 o'clock


Start of the hunt:  17:30


Goal and end of the hunt:  7:00 p.m.  Bürkliplatz, 8001 Zurich,  for the award ceremony and after party with grill and beer

As in any good hunting area, hunting licenses are limited for city hunting. So it's best to register here for free. 

In March 2018, a series of guided jogging sessions took place at the Green Marathon.

Ideal for getting to know the whole route!

Do you want to rediscover the city of Zurich? Then come to the respective meeting point and join in! Race with the tigers on the "Jungle Run", enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and  Mountains and get to know the urban oases from a different perspective. "Urban Zurich at its best"! The crowning glory is the “Lake run” along the shores of Lake Zurich on Sunday, May 6th. The running community meets for a brunch after this last jogging session.


Jogging sessions

4th of March:  "Urban Zurich at its best"

9 km, meeting point Rio Bar


March 11:  "Reach for the stars"

9 km, meeting point at the Rautihalde bus stop

25th March:  "Jungle run"

8.5 km, meeting point at the Waidspital bus stop

April 8th:  "Panoramic route"

4.5 km, meeting point at the Dolderbahn mountain station


April 15th:  "Postcard run"

8 km, meeting point at the Witikon community center,  Witikonerstrasse 405

May 6th:  "Lake run & brunch"

4 km, meeting point at the Föhlichstrasse tram stop, followed by brunch
(Contribution to expenses CHF 10.–)

Start: 9.30 a.m.


Running professionals from the Zurich running shoe company " On " and the running group "Züri rännt" skilfully guide you through the route. Runners of all levels can run. Participation in the jogging sessions is free.

May 21, 2017

Green Marathon is open

The Green Marathon Zurich was opened to the public with a big party on Sunday, May 21, 2017. Many runners took the opportunity to be the very first to run a short stage of the 42-kilometer route from the Rio Bar at HB to the foot of the Uetliberg. Afterwards, over 250 people celebrated Zurich's on the sun terrace of the Atlantis by Giardino.

"Everyone can run their marathon, whether in a few hours or in a year - walking, hiking or running!" Says Barbara Urfer Wyss, President of the Green Marathon Association. The permanently signposted route was opened with a ceremony on the start area at the Rio Bar. City councilor Gerold Lauber delivered a greeting from the government and presented the association president with the medal specially created for the city of Zurich. "This gives Zurich a new tourist highlight," said Martin Sturzenegger, director of tourism. David Allemann, co- founder of the running shoe brand "On" and main sponsor of the Green Marathon, was enthusiastic about the idea from the start, which he is now taking out into the world with his company.

The route is available to all Zurich residents and all guests of the city for free use.

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