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Activities on the Green Marathon

Various running groups use the Green Marathon route for their activities. Be it for your regular jogging sessions or for your events. Would you like to publish your event on our website? Write us a message .


Starting from Rio Bar

The 100 Marathon Club Switzerland meets regularly  to run the entire route. If you want to join the run, you can contact the organizers.

Next dates:  

03/19/2022, at Rio Bar, 9 a.m.

04/15/2022, at Rio Bar, 9 a.m.

Registration with Robin


Green Marathon patronage

The Green Marathon Zurich has been a publicly signposted route since 2017 and can be used by everyone at any time. With a patronage, the work of the association around the route can now be supported. You can read more about patronage and registration here .

Suppenlauf (3).png

Soup run on 2 December

The Green Marathon Association regularly organizes events. The next one will be on 02 Debember together with the 100 Marathon Club Switzerland.  We are looking forward to your participation. 

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